The Space Trade

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Book Review: Non-fiction Near Future

"The Space Trade"

Described by the author, L. Paul Turner

How do you develop a profitable space presence before the advent of low cost access to orbit, and free from the restrictive purse strings of government?

Some enterprising company will take these practical steps to universal riches from space resources. As a species, we can do this now without the snail's pace of governmental hegemony. "The Space Trade," describes a variety of step-wise paths to self-sustaining trade in space. The book shows how the orbital economy profitably develops without the advent of low cost access to orbit. The book supplies vital insights for space entrepreneurs, financiers, and economists. It shows how to divide risk to encourage private sector real estate development in orbit, and how to shorten the time required to produce a sustainable space economy. Four years in the making, the tome is replete with references and endnotes, and includes a timeline describing the near future spaceship-filled mining and trading system that supports orbital real estate development. Revealed is how the space trade saves the earth from destruction by comet and asteroid. A whole chapter explains the new, green, low cost method to achieve orbit.

Book Review:Fiction

Five strange short stories.

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In the Garden of Mistress Bloom by Cle' Curbo

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This is Cle' Curbo's first collection of short stories. The stories have been described as whimsical and surreal. The first story begins in a garden on the other side of the galaxy, where a strange artichoke-like plant has an intimate connection to mother earth. The tale is filled with odd but practical creatures of the Garden. It's a story of intrigue as well, for the Garden, while pleasant enough to tour, is connected to a force too powerful to be considered good.

The second story, "The 19th Frustration," opens with a job seeking, unlikely hero who must deal with alien cultures in a changing landscape of time and dimension.

The third and fourth stories are clearly fun sci-fi, while the fifth story is a serious wonk into a troubled but determined mind.

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